Mar 25, 2015

The Boxtrolls: Present and Past Modals for Advice and Regrets

This is a lovely movie with a moving story. It is a must. You can't miss this British animation.

I. Work in pairs:

1 - What would you recommend someone if you knew he/she were going to a formal party, but he/she didn't know anywhere there?

2 - What about an informal party? Would your recommendation change?

3 - Have you ever done something in a party that you regretted having done? Talk about it.

4 - What is something someone should NEVER do in  a party?

II. Watch the movie segment and complete the chart. Write 5 pieces of advice that were given to Egg.

1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -
5 -

III. Work in groups. Talk about the mistakes Egg made during the party. 
1 - What shouldn't Egg have done, but he did? Mention as many things you can remember.
2 - What should he have done, but he didn't? Mention as many things as you can remember.
IV. Imagine Egg is going to the following places. Make a list of social etiquette recommendations he should follow, according to your own culture.
1. A wedding
2. A funeral
3. Church
4. Christmas Dinner
5. Theater
6. Plane trip


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