May 5, 2014

Grown Ups 2: Noun Clauses, Included Questions

I don't usually like sequels, but I think this one is just fine. The first movie had very interesting scenes and so does this one. I hope you enjoy this activity.


Noun clauses starting with THAT - I like this jacket. How much is it?
I think (that) it is $25.

Noun clauses starting with a WH-WORD - I like this jacket. How much is it?
I don't know how much it is.

Some noun clauses beginning with the word THAT. Others with a wh-word (who, what, where, why. how, when, which, whose) .

Verbs describing an opinion, feeling, or mental state

Ex:  assume - believe - guess - forget - hope - know - remember - suppose - think - understand - wonder

Verbs that describe what someone said 

Ex: admit - explain - mention - say - tell

Watch the movie segment and then change the question into a noun clause that starts with a wh-word.

Ex: The family was surprised to see a deer in their house. What should they do to be safe?
I don't know what they should do to be safe.

1. The couple were very scared when they saw the deer in their room.
Why did they feel that way.
I wonder ________________

2. The little girl left the door open in case an animal wanted to get into the house. Why did she do that?
I don't understand ____________________

3. The family needed help. Where could they find some help?
Do you know _____________________?

4. They live in  a place where wild animals can invade their houses. How can they prevent animals from getting into their houses?
Can you suggest ______________?

5. They managed to scare the deer away. What did they do?
Do you remember _______________?



Answer key:

1. I wonder why they felt that way.
2. I don't understand why she did that.
3. Do you know where they could find some help?
4. Can you suggest how they can prevent animals from ...?
5. Do you remember what they did?

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