Jun 22, 2013

Hugo: Past Continuous x Simple Past

I simply loved this movie. It is made for movie lovers. I used this scene because it clearly shows the difference of the past continuous and simple past tenses. Besides, it is also kinesthetic.

I. Watch the movie segment and write down all the activities that people were doing at the the train station at 7:00 am. Then share your sentences with two partners and come up with as many sentences as possible.

Ex: Some people were carrying traveling  suitcases.

II. Work with the same partners. Watch the segment again and write down what Hugo did while those people were doing the thing that you mentioned in exercise I.

Ex: He ran through very narrow corridors.

III. Role-Play those activities to the students in the other groups. Check out if they can identify the actions and come up with correct sentences either in the past continuous or the simple past tenses.



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very helpful!!