Jun 1, 2013

Gulliver's Travels: Verbs and Adjectives of Urgency, Subjunctive

This version of one of my favorite stories is great. I used this funny scene to talk about verbs/adjectives of urgency.

A. The subjunctive form of a verb is used following verbs or adjectives of urgency, obligation or advisability. Write the words below under the correct column.

Demand - Critical - Insist - Crucial - Propose - Desirable - Request - Essential - Recommend - Important - Suggest - Necessary - Imperative


Ex: Demand / Critical


Verbs and adjectives that don't express urgency, obligation or advisability don't need the subjunctive

B. Now watch the movie segment and choose the correct alternative for the items below. Make sure you decide whether you will use affirmative or negative form according to the information presented in the movie segment.


1.  It is crucial that he ____________ (leave) the doll house as soon as possible.

2.    He insisted that he  ________________ (be) treated the way the girl was treating him.

3. He requested that the girl ____________ (hurt) him.

4. It is clear that the girls _____________ (think) he is a toy.

5. It is obvious that he ___________ (be) happy with that situation.

6. It is recommendable that he ____________ (be) careful with her.

7. It is imperative that he ___________ (stay) in the doll house.

8. The girl believes he ____________ (have) to do what she wants.



1 leave
2 not be 
3 not hurt
4 thinks
5 is not
6 be
7 stay
8 has


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a truly amazing job you´re doing here. thanks a lot for that!!!

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Thanks for your words. Motivating!

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Thank you for your work on this aspect of English. I can't wait to share with my 11th grade ESL class. They will appreciate the movie clip and worksheet.