May 4, 2013

Hall Pass: Modal for Possibility - COULD

This is a funny movie with great scenes. I had a lot of fun watching it. I used this scene to talk about modals for possibility, especially COULD.

I. What are the possible consequences  of Mr. Will's buying his twenty-year-old  babysitter some beer? What does his conscience tell him about the possible consequences of buying alcohol for a minor? Check the actions you think he believes could happen to him.

( ) 1. He goes into a lot of trouble.

( ) 2. He is arrested by the police.

( ) 3. His action attitude becomes a scandal.

( ) 4. He is fired.

( ) 5. His fiancée is  furious at him.

( ) 6. He falls in love with his babysitter.

( ) 7. His babysitter falls in love with him.

II. Now rewrite his fears using modals for possibility



Answer key:




1. He could go into a lot of trouble.

2. He could be arrested by the police.

3. His action could become a scandal.

4. He could be fired

5. His fiancée could be furious at him.

6. He could fall in love with the babysitter.

7. The babysitter could fall in love with him.


Elena said...

Hello from Spain. Just discovered your blog and already using it in class!! Great ideas, simple to do and very effective. Thanks a lot for sharing!

Claudio Azevedo said...

Great to hear that. Come back often.

Unknown said...

Hello Claudio... your blog is just amazing! Congratulations!
I'm having problems downloading the worksheet of the movie "Hall Pass"... did something happen?

Claudio Azevedo said...

Check it out now, please. Thanks for the feedback.