Mar 2, 2013

The Tale of Desperaux: Simple Present

I love this animated movie. The story is touching and funny. I had to use something from the film, so I used this scene for the simple present tense. Basic learners can perform the tasks easily, but if you think the language used in the segment will scare them away, use it with intermediate students.

I just can't live without animated movies. I love this one. Desperaux is such a cute hero that everyone would like to have that little mouse in their house - I guess!

A. Work with a partner. Choose a holiday you celebrate where you live (Ex: Carnaval, Thanksgiving). Write down 5 sentences saying what people do during the holiday.


1. People wear funny costumes.

2. They dance the samba.

OUR HOLIDAY: ___________

1. _____________________

2. _____________________

3. _____________________

4. _____________________

5. ____________________

B. Now watch the segment and write down 5 things people do during the holiday, Soup Day.

1. ______________________

2. _____________________

3. _____________________

4. _____________________

5. _____________________

C. Now look at the sentences you wrote in exercise A. Do people perform the activities you wrote about your holiday on Soup Day? Write down 3 sentences saying what they don't do.

Ex: They don't wear funny costumes.
They don't dance the samba.

1. _____________________

2. ____________________

3. ____________________




Pajama Tutors Language Learning said...

That's such a cute film. I showed it to my child and he loved it. So much better then all of the junk on the television these days!

Aline said...

Oi Claudio. Amei essa cena e gostaria de usar em classe. Quando baixei a imagem está pixelada. Poderia me ajudar com isso? Grata Aline Nascimento

Claudio Azevedo said...

Desculpe, Aline, eu fiz uma cirurgia e não pude realizar seu pedido. Aqui está o melhor que consegui. Tente de novo, por favor.