Mar 16, 2013

The Amazing Spider-Man: Wish

The Spider-Man is one of my favorite cartoon characters. The movies are great and this scene, which is about getting even, is excellent for a contextualized practice on WISH.

 I. Watch the segment and decide whether the sentences about Flash are true or false.

1. Flash humiliated Gordon in front of everyone.

2. Flash threw Gordon on the ground.

3. Flash reacted and punched Parker.

4. Flash disappointed Gwen because he hadn't done his homework.

5. Flash did not know that Parker was so good at basketball.

II. Now write sentences expressing Flash's regrets, using WISH. Use the items in Exercise I.

1. Flash wishes ______________________________________________________ .

2. ________________________________________________________________ .

3. ________________________________________________________________ .

4. _________________________________________________________________ .

5. _________________________________________________________________ .

III. Talk to a partner.

1. Did Flash deserve being humiliated in front of everyone because of his attitude. Justify it.

2. Was Parker right when he decided to get even with Flash? Explain it.

3. Have you ever taken action to stop bullying in your school? Why (not)?

4. Who should be punished by the School Coordination? Flash, Parker, both or none of them? Why?



Answer key:

1. Flash wishes he hadn't humiliated...
2. He wishes he hadn't thrown...
3. He wishes he hadn't  reacted and punched...
4. He wishes he hadn't disappointed... OR He wishes he had done his homework.
5. He wishes he had known that Parker was...


Lena said...

Do I need|something to watch the videos? Because my none of my video software can reproduce them :( they don't work for me

Claudio Azevedo said...

I don't know what might be happening. They work with VLC, WMV, Real Player. I justr tested this one and it is fine. I don't know what is going on. I don't know about Mac devices. They are always complicated with videos.