Jul 7, 2012

Duplicity: Simple Past

I love this segment because I used it to teach grammar kinesthetically. I hope you like this daring activity.

A. Watch the movie segment. Then work in small groups. Think about the story that took place before the scene. Write a short paragraph (or sentences) in the past tense saying what happened before their fight in the airport.

B. Now write down the dialog that you imagine they had at the airport, the scene of the movie segment. Use the simple past tense.

C. Role-play (or read) your dialog to the class.

D. Have a narrator say what happened after the scene. Use the simple past tense.

E. Vote for the best performance.


This activity does not require a worksheet.


Mistersun said...

Learning English based on movie scene is interesting activity. I also learned English through movies, but i train my listening skill to video news on YouTube.

From movies I got a lot of new words which are used in daily communication. There are a lot of expressions, phrases, idioms, which are not found in many English classes, I found on movies.

It's interesting way to learn and teach English. Great job, Sir.

Nice to see you. I am from Indonesia. I am teaching English too (Junior teacher). I also have blog for foreign languages foreignlanguagehunter.com

Mistersun said...

I bookmark your blog. I'd like to make connection and share with many English teachers through blogs