Jun 20, 2017

La La Land: Narratives, Paragraph Writing

It is so rare to see good musicals on the big screen that it makes this movie really special.

Watch the movie segment. Then come up with a story to go along with the scene. 

Narrative writing is formatted like a story. This means all narrative writing has a setting and plot with characters, conflict and resolution, and a beginning, middle and end. Even pieces that are not themselves stories are written with the same structure. Like most forms of writing, narratives have a message for the reader. Unlike other forms of writing, this message is usually implied through the events of the story and the decisions or dialogue of the characters rather than explicitly spelled out. 

There are many different transition words you could use to let your audience know the events in your narrative. You could use first, next, then, and last. You could use first, second, third, and finally. You could start with first of all, afterwards, soon after that, and later. 

Now watch the movie segment and have a narrator read the narrative you came up with as the scene develops. Be creative and imaginative. 




anne said...

I loved it!
I'll use a lot with my students!!

Claudio Azevedo said...

Great. I hope it works.

Carmen Gloria Henriquez said...

Thanks for sharing, Claudio. It looks awesome! I will try it out with my class - I look forward to listening to their stories.

Claudio Azevedo said...

Carmen, you will be surprised with the results. Thanks!