Feb 15, 2017

Zootopia: Animals - Vocabulary

This activity is for very young learners. It is kinesthetic and fun.

I.              Brainstorm names of animals.

II.            Slides with farm and zoo animals. Give each student a letter, F (farm) or Z (zoo). Tell students to stand up and touch their toes if the animal projected on the board corresponds to the category they have (farm or zoo animal).

III.           Students watch the movie segment.

IV.          Project on the board the following chart and ask students to say what they have seen in the segment (T: Is there a black cow?...)

a rabbit


a lion

a hippo


a bear

a rhino

a gazelle

V.              Slides with the animals in IV. Tell students to make a line to participate in a game. The T projects the pictures and vocabulary from the chart in IV. The first student in line chooses the ball that corresponds to the scene they’ve watched (green – there is, yellow – there isn’t, red – there are, blue – there aren’t) and tries to throw it into a basket. When he/she hits the basket, he/she has to say a complete sentence (e.g. There is a chicken.). 

VI. Ask students to write sentences about the items in  IV, using There is (isn’t) or There are (aren’t).


POWER POINT SLIDES - Slides prepared by reader Katy Piauhy, who kindly shared it with us. Thanks, Katy.



Unknown said...

Great job. Thanks a lot, Claudio. I prepared a PPT presentation to be used with this activity. can I share it here?

Katy Piauhy

Claudio Azevedo said...

Sure, Katy, send it to claudioazv@gmail.com
Readets will love it!


Katy. if it is kind of you. Could you share the PPT also with me? margerfla@gmail.com

Thanks a lot in advance. Excellent work, as usual!

Unknown said...

margerfla@gmail.com Slides sent...