Oct 15, 2016

Batman Begins: Wh Questions

This is another awesome activity developed by Bruno. His activities are even better now. Thanks, Bruno, for another perfect contribution.

My name is Bruno, I´m a Brazilian English teacher specialized in Applied Linguistics. Currently I work for a language institute teaching adults and in a regular school teaching elementary and high school. I believe knowledge is something to be shared and that´s why I post my classes to everybody who wants to study/learn English. In the last years I counted and have been counting on many partners who are always there: Adriana Pin, Bhyanka Itaborahy, Claudio Azevedo (Movie Segments), Diego Cassionato (Inglês com Rock) and Dani Bertocchi... You guys are also "guilty" for it. THANK YOU.

Batman Begins
A class by @TeacherBrunoGon

To do this activity, you must know the characters of the video:

Mr. Earle

Bruce Wayne

Mr. Fox


1 – Watch the video segment and check the Wh-Question words missing:

The meeting has already started, sir.

Earle: - _________________ meeting?

Earle: Under _____________ authority?

Earle: _____________ makes you think you can decide _____________'s running Wayne Enterprises?

Earle: ________________ are you talking about? The company went public a week ago.

2 – Still about the video, make questions using the lines spoken:

a-      _____________ got fired before?
Fox got fired

b-      _______________ job Fox has now?
Mr. Earle´s job

c-      ______________ calls Bruce Wayne to understand what´s is happening?
Mr Earle calls Bruce

d-      ______________ gives Bruce the newspaper?
Alfred does

e-      ______________ has the authority to make decisions?
Brune Wayne has the authority of deciding

f-       _______________ has got the first page?
Batman got the first page

g-      _____________ has got page 8?
Bruce Wayne got page 8

h-      _______________ did the company went public?
It went public a week before

i-        _____________ bought most of the shares?
Bruce Wayne bought most of the shares

j-        ______________ company´s future is secure?
Bruce´s company is secure for the future