Jun 15, 2015

Just Go with It: Whose - Adjective Clauses

I truly like this scene. Nicole Kidman has a funny part and Jennifer Aniston does a great job in this attractive scene. My students loved it.

Adjective Clauses are adjectives. However, they look like sentences because they have verbs and nouns. Notice:

I know the policeman. His dog bit a man.
I know the policeman whose dog bit a man.
I bought an antique vase. Its value is priceless.
I bought an antique vase whose value is priceless.

Whose is the possessive and is used for both people and things and must be followed by a noun.
Whose + noun can be subject or object
I heard the scientist whose work is attracting interest.
I met the scientist whose work I admire.

I. Watch the movie segment. Match the sentences to write adjective clauses with whose. Follow the examples in the grammar hint.

Hula Girl Contestants

Devlin Adams (Nicole Kidman)

Katherine Murphy (Jennifer Aniston)

1) There is a band. Their players are Hawaiian.

2) Devlin has sexy body. Her flower is orange.

3) The shortest contestant is Katherine. Her skirt is yellow.

4) The audience was thrilled. Their two choices for finalists were excellent. 

5) The winner is the new Hula Girl. Her prize is just the applause of the audience.

6) Devlin and her boyfriend lost the competition. Their ball fell first.

II. Talk to a friend:

1. Was the final decision fair? Who was the best candidate in your opinion? Why?

2. Who was the sexiest?

3. Who was the funniest?

4. What's your opinion about this sort of contest? Have you ever participated in one?



Answer key:

1) There is a band whose players are Hawaiian.
2) Devlin, whose flower is orange, has a sexy body.
3) The shortest contestant is Katherine, whose skirt is yellow.
4) The audience, whose choices for finalists were excellent, was thrilled.
5) The winner is the new Hula Girl, whose price is just the applause of the audience.
6) Devlin and her boyfriend, whose ball fell first, lost the competition.

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