May 15, 2015

Mr. Peabody & Sherman: Modal for Ability CAN

This is a lovely movie. Mr. Peabody's kind heart is amazing and the plot is just fantastic. It is great to teach children a bit about history as well. I truly recommend it.

I. Work in small groups. Watch the movie segment. You can't write anything. After the segment is over, make a list of everything Mr. Peabody can do. 


Each group takes turns and says one sentence about what Mr. Peabody can do (Ex: GROUP 1 - He can speak English). Then the next group has to say a different sentence. The group that says more sentences is the winner.

Answer key:

Students may come up with more sentences than the ones in the answer key. Here are the activities I managed to see.

He can do yoga.
He can turn somersaults.
He can speak English.
He can read.
He can use the computer.
He can make sculptures.
He can play basketball.
He can write.
He can make creative inventions.
He can solve political problems around the world.
He can sing.
He can skate.
He can dance.


The students write all the activities they manage to see Mr. Peabody doing on separate slips of paper, using CAN.
Mix up the sentences and the students mime the sentences to their groups.



Nathalia Mantovani said...

Claudio, thank you very much for posting such great activities! You're contributing a lot for more dynamic classes! Thanks! Teacher Nathália

Neus said...

Thank you very much. My students will be happy to watch that film and comment on it.

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for these lessons!!!! You are the best!!!

Etcher said...

Thanks a lot for sharing with us, making our classes more interesting, more dynamic, more attractive to students by making them show English can be fun.
Thanks to for making our lives easier by saving our time. That is so great!