Jan 15, 2015

The Secret Life of Water Mitty: Wish

This is such a strong character that his name became a dictionary entry. The definition is below and the plot revolves around the character's personality. The movie, though, did not meet my expectations.

Walter Mitty
noun, plural Walter Mittys.

an ordinary, timid person who is given to adventurous and 
self-aggrandizing daydreams or secret plans as away of 
glamorizing a humdrum life. 
In his heroic daydreams, Mitty does not triumph, several fantasies being interrupted before they actually happen.

I. Watch the movie segment about Walter Mitty.  Mitty wishes he could have done a few things in order to win Cheryl's attention over. Write at least three different things.

II. Now rewrite the sentences below and the ones you came up with, expressing wishes.

1. He did not manage to leave a wink to Cheryl. 

2. HE did not jump through Cheryl's apartment window.

3. He did not save her three-legged dog, Chips.

III. Discuss:

Have you ever felt like Walter Mitty? Have you ever thought that you could have done something to prevent a situation from happening, but you failed to do it? Talk about it.

Answer key:

1. He wishes he could have left a wink to Cheryl.

2. He wishes he had jumped through Cheryl's apartment window.

3. He wishes he had saved her three-legged dog, Chips.

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