Dec 15, 2014

Cellular: Emphatic DO

This is a thrilling scene. It is amazing how fast technology has developed in such a short period of time. I used it to practice Emphatic Do in a contextualized manner.

Emphatic DO can:

  • Add emphasis to a whole sentence - You do have a point.
  • Add sentences to an imperative. This use of emphatic softens a command and shows polite encouragement - Do come to the party!
  • Contradict a negative statement - You're wrong. I did lock the door.
  • Indicate strong concession - I do not enjoy horror movies, but I did enjoy "The Conjuring".

I. Correct the information presented in the movie segment. Use emphatic do to express your ideas. Answers may vary.

1 - Ethan did not worry about Jessica's son.

You're wrong. He ________________________.

2. He tried to save Jessica's son, but for just a short time.


3. The computer store does not sell cell phone chargers.


4. He told everyone he desperately needed a charger. How could he emphasize his cry for help!

5. The store staff doesn't follow strict policies.

6. Ethan did not find a charger.

II. Talk to a partner.
1. What would you do if you were in Ethan's shoes?
2. What about if you were one of the store clerks?
3. How different would this scene be if they had the cellular technology we do nowadays?
Answer Key:
1. He did worry about her son.
2. He did try hard to save her son.
3. The store does sell chargers.
4. Do help me, please. 
5. The staff does follow strict procedures
6. No, Ethan did find a charger.



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