Apr 5, 2014

Europa Report: Past Modal Verbs for Speculation

This movie could have been better, but it has intriguing moments. This scene, though, is wonderful for past modals for speculation because of the range of possibilities it may unravel.

I. Watch the segment and discuss the questions:

1. What is the new step for mankind the scientist mentions in the beginning of the segment?
2. What were the astronauts doing when they received their last image from the mission.
3. Dr. Samantha Unger was Europa Ventures Lead Mission Planner. She asked herself - What happened?


Work in small groups. Speculate about what might have happened to the astronauts and present a report to Dr. Unger. You must come up with five possible/plausible explanations for the mystery. Use your imagination and creativity. 



Answer key:

1. They put men and women into deep space to explore Europa, one of Jupiter's moons, with similar atmospheric conditions as Earth. It was the first manned trip into deep space.

2. Nothing special, they were working and waiting for the following events to take place.

3. - TASK - Answers will vary.

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