Mar 5, 2014

Click: Regrets with Past Modal SHOULD and WISH

This movie provides us with entertainment and food for thought when it comes to our life choices. Having a remote control to extend my favorite moments of the day sounds like a dream, but we have to deal with its consequences. This scene is really touching.


Work in pairs:

1. Are you an impulsive person or do you mull an idea over for a long time before taking action?

2. How does it affect your life decisions? Have you ever regretted a decision you have taken? Give examples.

3. Think about three things that you regret having done in your life. Share them with your partner.

4. Would you do anything differently if you could go back in time? Explain it.

5. Imagine that you had a remote control that would allow extending your most pleasurable moments and speeding up your boring moments. Which moments would you extend and which ones would you speed up? Think at least about 5 different moments for each situation.

Watch the movie segment and discuss the questions:

- Is the scene about the past, present or future?

- Can he change his past? Why (not)?

- How does he feel about his relationship with his father?

Make a list of 5 things he regrets. Use both should have + past participle and wish.
EX: He wishes he had spent more time with his dad OR He should have spent more time with his dad.

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