Nov 9, 2013

The Croods: Possessive ('s) and Vocabulary - Family

I simply love this family, The Croods. The movie is awesome and it is wonderful to talk about family. I used their family tree to practice the use of possessives ('s).

I. Work in pairs:

1. Talk about your family. What do they do and how old are they?

2. Do you have pictures of your family in your cell phone? Show them to a partner and tell him/her where they are and what they are doing there.

3. Who are you closest to in your family? Justify your answer.

4. What would you change in your family?

II. Watch the movie segment and complete the blanks with the name of the characters.


Ex: Gran is Ugga's mother . 

1. __________________ is Grug's mother-in-law.

2. ________________ is Eeep's brother. 

3. _________________ is Sandy's sister.

4. __________________ is the family's pet. 

5. __________________ is Sandy's brother.

6. __________________ is Ugga's son.

7. __________________ is Ugga's husband

8. __________________ is Grug's wife.

9. __________________ is Gran's granddaughter.

10. __________________ is Eep's grandmother.

III. Complete the blanks with the name of the correct character and ('s).

1. Ugga is ______________________ mother.

2. Grug is ______________________ son-in-law.

3. Hunk is _____________________ grandson.

4. Eep is ______________________ daughter.

5. Grug is ______________________ father.

Answer key:


1. Gran
 2. Hunk
3. Eep
4. Belt
5. Hunk
6. Hunk
7. Grug
8. Ugga
9. Sandy
10. Gran


1. Hunk's / Eep's / Sandy's
2. Gran's
3. Gran's
4. Ugga's
5. Hunk's / Eep's / Sandy's

Family Members


I. Warm-up

1. Pair up students and ask them to stand back to back. The Teacher says the name of a family member and they have to turn around, clap their hands, touch their partner’s hands and say the opposite of the word.
2. Ask students if they have pictures of their family in their cell phone. If  they don’t, ask them to get a drawing or another project they’ve made about their family to show it to their partner while they talk about their family. Model the sentences on the board.
    EX.: This is my ___________. His name’s _____________. He’s _____ years old.

              This is my ___________. Her name’s _____________. She’s _____ years old.

 II. Students watch the movie segment

III. Divide the students into two groups and number them within their groups. Place pictures of the movie characters facing down on the floor. Call a number and project the sentences from the box below on the board. The students who are called have to find the picture on the floor that completes the sentece correctly. He/She says the sentence out loud and then all the students repeat it.

1. ________________ is Eep's brother. 

2. _________________ is Sandy's sister.

3. __________________ is the family's pet. 

4. __________________ is Sandy's brother.

5. __________________ is Eep's father.

6. __________________ is Thunk's mother.

7. __________________ is Sandy's grandmother.

8. __________________ is Thunk’s father.


IV. Students fill in the blanks.

1. Thunk is Eep's __________________. 

2. Eep is Sandy's __________________.

3. Belt is the family's _______________. 

4. Grug is Thunk’s _________________.

5. Gran is Sandy's _________________.

6. Ugga is Thunk's _________________.




Linda Cortez said...

Hi, there! Too bad, i've just taught possessives before I saw this post. :( I've seen Croods and it's a nice film. I've bookmarked this to use for my future classes. Thanks for the post!

Unknown said...

Hey this is really very innovative way. Really awesome thanks...

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Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks, Linda and Sona. I really like the movie and my students loved the activity. Thanks for your words.


Thanx for your work~!

Anonymous said...

Great! Thanks!! I´m a fon of this website. Mercedes from Argentina.

Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks, Mercedes. Greetings to Argentina!

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sissy said...

Your activities are great!

Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks, Sissy. Great to hear that.