Jan 10, 2010

What Women Want: Simple Past

This is a great scene. The students usually like it, especially because it is not conventional and unexpected.
Ask a partner if he / she did the following things before going to work or school this morning.

Ex: Did you drink wine?
No, I didn't.
Talk to a partner and decide if Nick (Mel Gibson) performed the following activities before going to work by checking the items.

1. Drink wine

2. Smoke a cigarette

3. Have breakfast

4. Polish the nails

5. Put on some makeup

6. Shave

7. Wax the leg

8. Wear pantyhose

9. Wear socks

10. Dry the hair

11. Trip on the floor

12. Have an accident

13. Take a shower

14. Watch TV

Now write affirmative and negative statements using the information in exercise A.

EX: 1. Nick drank wine.

Now write down which of the activities above you performed today.

Ex. I didn't drink wine.

I smoked a cigarette.



How to prepare your own video activity:

- Select a scene in which the students can identify a series of activities performed by the actors

- Prepare a checklist with activities that were (not) performed.

- Students write sentences (affirmative and negative) using the past simple tense.


Olga Andrade said...

Carlos, there is no link to download the segment on this post! :) Thank you for the brilliant idea!

Claudio Azevedo said...

Dear Olga,
It is now. Check it out. See you.

Anonymous said...

Love the idea...great video, but I wouldn't recommend it for all ages because of the profanity.

Anonymous said...

Dear Claudio,
Thank you so much for this SO useful website!
see you