Jul 5, 2015

Magic in the Moonlight: Present Continuous

I love Woody Allen. This opening scene is great because no English is spoken, so basic learners can profit from it a lot.

I. Work in pairs:

1. What are some common tricks that magicians usually perform in their shows?

2. What are the most impressive ones?

3. Do you know the name of any famous magician?

4. What's your opinion about this kind of show? Do you enjoy it? Why (not)?

II. Blindfold one student and show the movie segment. All the other students have to write what Wei Ling Soo is doing.

III. Play the segment again and the students act as narrators and read their sentences out loud. The students who had been blindfolded has to act exactly the same way Soo is performing his show.

IV. Write sentences in the present continuous tense, saying how a trick is being performed, Then have one student act out your actions. Take turns with all the students.