Feb 15, 2015

The Internship: As a Matter of Fact / In Fact

I simply love this movie. It is most of teens' dream to work for a company with such innovative ideas for the workplace. I had a blast watching it. As a matter of fact, it pleases adults and teens. I used it to contextualize ideas to practice AS A MATTER OF FACT and IN FACT to contradict or correct previously stated ideas.

I. Rank the items below according to what you consider the most important features for your dream job. (1 - most important and the last one the least important)

( ) Challenging
( ) Good workmates
( ) Flexible working hours
( ) Safety
( ) Chances of promotions
( ) Comfort
( ) Long vacations
( ) Not wearing uniforms
( ) Fun
( ) Opportunities to travel
( ) Friendly boss

II. Group up with a few friends, compare your lists and justify your answers.

III. Watch the segment from the movie The Internship and describe Google's working conditions, select positive and negative aspects of working there, and what can still be improved. Finally,  decide if you would like to work there.

IV. What is the ideal job for you? What about the working conditions?


Both As a matter of fact and in fact can be used to modify or contradict a previous statement:


A: I hear that you're a doctor.
B: As a matter of fact (In fact), I'm a dentist.

A: Well, it may sound very straightforward to you, but in fact (as a matter of fact) it's all very complicated.

A:Would you agree with me that teachers should refrain from socializing with their students? 
B: As a matter  fact (In fact) I think it's a good idea for them to socialize - up to a certain point!

V. Contradict the information in the items before. Use AS A MATTER OF FACT and IN FACT to express your ideas.

A: Most of Google's employees wear suits and ties at work.
B: ______________________________________

A: Eating in Google's facilities can be very expensive.
B: ______________________________________

A: Most people who work for Google are middle aged.
B: ______________________________________

A: Only very young adults can be interns at Google.
B: ______________________________________ 

A: It is very easy to get a position at Google.
B: _______________________________________

A: Working for Google must be a dull experience.
B: _______________________________________

Answer Key (answers may very – As a matter of fact can be used interchangeably):

1. EX: As a matter of fact, most of them don’t wear suits and ties at work.
2. In fact, Eating in Google’s facilities is free
3. In fact, most people who work for Google are very young.
4. As a matter of fact, everyone can be an intern at Google.
5. In fact, it is not very easy to get a position at Google.

6. As a matter of fact, working for Google must be very exciting.


Nastya P. said...

Thank you, its very interesting to learn English with you.
And I like this film too.

Claudio Azevedo said...

Thanks. Great to hear that.